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Ad Tech Security

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DEV/CON Detects Internal & External Revenue Threats

Premium and programmatic advertising from trading desks and exchanges are the life blood of digital media and agencies. But what happens when reporting doesn’t reconcile with revenue? What are business leaders supposed do when their Adsense income isn’t matching up with impressions? Or when their reporting questions are left unanswered? That’s where Dev/Con comes in. Dev/Con’s comprehensive audit services and SaaS identify the source of revenue declines and leakage, saving its customers millions of dollars each year.

Hackers Hijacked A Chrome Extension And Forced Ads On Over 30,000 Users

Lee Mathews , CONTRIBUTOR Observing, pondering, and writing about tech. Generally in that order.  Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Sometimes cyber criminals go straight after users. Ransomware attacks are a good example of that approach. Other...
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Hackers Hit Dozens of Countries With a Stolen N.S.A. Tool

LONDON — Hackers using a tool stolen from the United States government conducted extensive cyberattacks on Friday that hit dozens of countries around the world, severely disrupting Britain’s public health system and wreaking havoc on computers elsewhere, including Russia.
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One in 20 web users infected with ad injection software

More than one in 20 web users are infected with ad injectors, a type of malware that puts unwanted adverts on web pages, according to new research from Google. As a result, the company has announced a new crackdown on the software, which can manifest either as a...
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A flaw in the Cisco WebEx Extension allows Remote Code Execution

Tavis Ormandy, a security expert at Google Project Zero, has discovered a critical remote code execution vulnerability in the Cisco WebEx browser extension. Publicly known “magic string” lets any site run malicious code, no questions asked. The popular Google Project...
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Marketers thought the Web would allow perfectly targeted ads. Hasn’t worked out that way.

Ron Amram has been in the brand marketing business for about 20 years. In the 2000s he was media director for Sprint’s prepaid cellular group, mainly figuring out where the carrier should spend its ad dollars—print, outdoor, digital, or broadcast. TV was always at the top of the pyramid. A TV campaign was like “the Air Force,” Amram says. “You wanted to get your message out, you did carpet bombing.” But TV wasn’t cheap, nor did it solve “that age-old question: Half of my marketing is working, half of it is not, and I don’t know which half.”
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Here Are 4 Common Methods That Ad Fraudsters Use to Make Their Ill-Gotten Money Where crime continues to pay

Ad Fraud: Here Are 4 Common Methods That Ad Fraudsters Use to Make Their Ill-Gotten Money Where crime continues to pay
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Latest news: Digital advertising revenue threats are real

Marketers Bringing Programmatic In-House for Greater Transparency December 29, 2016 – MediaPost’s RT Daily blog says Brands are now auditing their agencies to ensure they’re getting a fair deal, when outsourcing programmatic buying. Agencies, brands and publishers are...
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Latest news: Cyber firm says Russian ‘Methbot’ scam is defrauding digital advertisers

December 19, 2016 -- White Ops cybersecurity firm is saying that the “Methbot” has generated about 300M fake views a day, according to CNN. If you’re thinking that’s $1.5M a day or $45M a month -- assuming a $5 CPM -- you’re correct! It seems the Russian-based...
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Revenue Increase

Recent Case Studies

One mid-size publisher with average site traffic of 3.5m UV, 15m pageviews, 50m + impressions monthly was only generating $800 in monthly revenue for its most popular ad network for all units.  After DEV/CON detected and removed exploits from just one leaderboard for that ad network, revenue increased from $800 per  mo. total to $3,000 per mo. for one leaderboard – a  275% revenue increase.

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Audit Lite

  • Single network
  • Lite review of ads, identification of anomalies
  • Risk evaluation, revenue loss from 1 ad network

Full Audit

  • Complete review of all ad tech tags and integrations
  • Revenue analysis of all ad networks
  • Log reports related to unauthorised code
  • Recommendations for repair
  • Revenue analysis post repair

Situation Management

  • Identify internal and external exploits
  • Manage systems access
  • Personnel management
  • Remove all unauthorised code from site, server and integrated ad tech
  • Migrate ad campaigns to new ad server
  • Migrate site to new server
  • Lock backdoors
  • Court-ready documentation


  • Install DEV/CON PROTECT software
  • Super-Admin
  • Code monitoring
  • Alerts
  • One-touch lockdown
  • Code containment and removal
  • Revenue monitoring & optimization
  • Certified developers

Fully integrated with most major ad servers, ad networks and CMS platforms



Light Package
Audit + Revenue Lite
  • 3 integrated ad tech platforms
  • 3 ad networkanalyses of revenue
  • full report on findings & recommendations
  • situation consultation


Situation Management
  • lock down all platforms
  • up to 10 ad tech exploits
  • safe removal of all exploits
  • personnel management
  • migrate all ad campaigns to new server
  • additional services: ad server migrations, site rebuild, ad ops


Detect + Protect
  • up to 3 publisher sites
  • full audits
  • full clean
  • DEV/CON DETECT & PROTECT monitoring software: code, logs and revenue monitoring and reporting, code mirror, server redundancy
  • PROTECT monitoring software
  • revenue optimization
  • DEV/CON premium networks

Code Monitoring


Revenue Security


Yield Optimization



DETECT & PROTECT against internal and external threats to your revenue

Our team of digital advertising professionals, white-hat hackers, and data scientists leverage out patent-protected technology to:  detect, fix, and monitor both technical and organizational vulnerabilities to protect and increase agency and publisher revenue.

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