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The Team

Meet the DEV/CON Team and Our Trusted Board of Industry Advisors

After spending more than a decade as a digital leader in the publishing industry, including E.W. Scripps, Los Angeles Times and Morris Communications, I founded DEV/CON to address the growing need for ad tech security and revenue protection.

I became passionate about this unexplored area of business after discovering methods by which a developer was able to exploit a publisher platform, extorting nearly $1 million dollars.

Maggie Louie


Jay is wired to help businesses with their development of strategy, designed exclusively to their resources and capabilities, with a path to execution and realization of organizational goals.

Jay’s past roles included serving as the Director of Digital Sales for the Newspaper Division of Scripps. In that role, he was responsible for the monetization of the Scripps newspapers audiences through all digital platforms as well as the extensive agency services that Scripps provides. Jay is a fifteen year veteran from the front lines of digital sales, product and platform development for newspapers, working also with Knight-Ridder and Gannett.

Jay Horton

CEO, DigitalWho

Ron is a proven Product Developer, User Experience expert, and Technologist with 15+ years experience in online journalism, digital content, user experience, information architecture, and visual design. A professional cross-functional manager and project leader, Ron was the Project lead for redesigns (including responsive and mobile design) and platform improvements/migrations for high-profile sites like Yahoo! News, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Buzz (Spin) Media, USA TODAY Network, and others.

Ron Parsons

CEO, Parsons Consulting

Experienced technologist, software developer, author, public speaker and senior technology leader.

Specialties: Software development and process, leadership, writing, public speaking, software architecture, Ruby, Rails, Java, Erlang, Clojure

Chad Fowler, Investor & Board of Advisors

CTO, Microsoft – OneNote/ Wunderlist

Josh has spent over 12 years in Information Security specializing in finding, exploiting, and patching software vulnerabilities for fortune 500 companies. He has developed several open source tools for the hacker community and has presented these tools in the 2016 and 2017 Black Hat Conferences. Josh is a proven technologist, polyglot software engineer, and creative problem solver.

“I had the pleasure of working with Josh Summitt for over 5 years in the security space. This work included web application penetration testing, external network and wireless penetration testing, and development of tools for authorized Phishing campaigns.

Josh also developed hacking demos (showing how bad-actors practice their tradecraft) which has been used to raise security awareness for audiences globally.

Josh is a very skilled security analyst and would be an asset to any organization that needs to mature its security program.” (Kevin Mitnick, Mitnick Security)

Josh Summit


Casey oversees company operations and processes for Journal Communications Inc.’s  multimedia products and services, including She has been with the company for 17 years and has BS degrees in Business Administration and Marketing from Lipscomb University.

Casey Hester

Sr. VP of Operations, Journal Communications Inc

Susan Kelly-Gilbert has more than three decades of experience in advertising sales, digital marketing and management.

Most recently she had been the president and publisher of the Anderson (SC) Independent Mail, a Gannett newspaper. Prior to that she had worked for E. W. Scripps, where she focused on their newspapers print and digital sales strategy planning, support and execution associated with corporate partnerships, vendors and products focused on display ads and key classified categories.

Susan Kelly-Gilbert

Publisher, Independent Mail

Andrea Nunn specializes in developing mutually beneficial partnerships between companies and in managing all aspects of the client services relationship:  needs assessment, solution-based proposals, cross-departmental collaboration, integrated strategic development, media/marketing/advertising plans, tech ops, finance, legal, and research.  As VP, Business Development & Strategic Alliances for five years at the Los Angeles Times, she was responsible for building client partnerships, developing new innovative strategic alliances, and driving new revenue streams.  Prior to the Times, Andrea was with HBO for 15 years, and as VP, managed the DIRECTV partnership, HBO’s 2nd largest business affiliate at the time.

Andrea Nunn

VP of Publisher Partnerships, DEV/CON DETECT

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