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Meet DEV/CON’s Investors

Cross-border early stage venture fund with $200M of AUM.

Programmatic ad fraud is a prevalent problem in the industry. Publishers are the most impacted yet no solution caters to them. With an unique blend of experience in publishing and cybersecurity, we believe that DEV/CON is best positioned to protect publishers from an increasing number of cyber attacks. For the first time, publishers can rely not only on a complete database of known malwares and exploits, but also on unknown threats, thanks to DEV/CON’s monitoring solution.

Henri Deshays

Partner NewFund US, NewFund

Early stage investor in B2B Tech, MedTech and AgTech based in Memphis with more than 80 companies in its portfolio.

Cybercrime is increasing rapidly as a threat to our economy and society. Dev/Con Detect has a team with deep industry experience that has built a suite of products that will detect and remove these threats to protect its customers’ revenues. ROI to its customers is immediate.


Jan Bouten

Partner, Innova Memphis

Golden Seeds is one of the nation’s most active early-stage investment firms, dedicated to pursuing investment returns through the empowerment of women entrepreneurs and the people who invest in them.

We recognize that ad fraud is an enormous and growing problem in digital publishing and programmatic advertising networks. DEV/CON DETECT’s team has depth in both cybersecurity and the adtech space and has built effective products that detect, reverse and prevent fraud losses.

Dev/Con Detect is the brainchild of Maggie Louie, a thought leader on ad fraud. We are excited to be supporting Maggie and her fantastic team at Dev/Con as they develop products that expose and eviscerate malware.


Karen Zimmerman

Managing Partner, Golden Seeds

Women-led angel investment fund focused on investing in female-led companies across the Southeast US. Building a portfolio of high potential, growth ventures with gender diverse teams and strong female leadership.

Strong female leader with extensive industry knowledge in a here-to-for untapped market for cybersecurity. Impressive early traction and product development.

“Maggie has impressed us since we first met her through the program in Memphis and as a winner of Florida’s SUPx startup expo in Fort Lauderdale in early 2017. She is dedicated to solving this pain point for the publishing industry as well as catching the hackers which plague advertising. We see great promise in this company and its founder and are excited to add Dev/Con to our portfolio of now 20 female-led ventures in the Southeast.”


Kristina Montague

Managing Partner, The JumpFund

Las Olas Venture Capital is a new Florida-based early stage fund that invests in startups in a variety of industries. Our mission is to find outstanding entrepreneurs in non-obvious places and maximize their impact by connecting them to networks of capital, talent, and customers in well-established startup ecosystems.

Premium and programmatic advertising from trading desks and exchanges are the life blood of digital media and agencies. Widespread revenue leakage, often the result of fraudulent activities, is a vexing and hard to detect problem facing the industry. The DEV/CON team drew from their extensive industry experience to develop the unique DEV/CON platform for exploit detection and repair; it reflects a deep understanding of technology, process and client needs.

“Cyber security is a challenge for businesses of all sizes. In the digital advertising industry alone, it is estimated that $8.5B will be lost to fraud this year. DEV/CON systematically addresses for the first time the vital needs of digital ad distributors. We are very excited to be partnered with Maggie Louie, DEV/CON Co-Founder and CEO”

Dean Hatton

Founding Partner, las Olas Venture Capital

GAN Ventures is the investment arm of GAN, a highly curated community of accelerators, partners, and investors. Economic and social prosperity occurs around the world because startup founders are making a lasting, positive impact in their communities through creating jobs, revenue, and companies that become local institutions which is why GAN Ventures invests in early-stage companies all over the world in cities large and small. Every year, 71,000 applications come into GAN Accelerators and only 1,100 startups are accepted into programs. GAN Ventures chooses 15-20 companies to invest in across this community each year. Because of this scope, the GAN Ventures portfolio represents some of the best early-stage companies in the world. On an individual level, GAN Ventures invests in startup founders that are passionate, mission-driven, self-aware, and solving a real problem in a big market.

Maggie’s deep experience in the publishing industry gives her insight and passion for solving the very real problem of advertising revenue theft and fraud. From this experience, DEV/CON has developed an incredibly promising and innovative SaaS product with valuable IP to provide AdTech Security to a massive market hungry for solutions.

“AdTech Security is in a massive market with significant demand for solutions. Already, we are seeing the benefits of solutions that have caught criminals who are taking money away from publishers. Maggie and the entire Dev/Con Detect team have built a great product and are on the right mission to help online publishers fight fraud and theft and to preserve their ability to serve the public through professional journalism. GAN Ventures is proud to be an investor and aligned not just in DEV/CON the company, but in Maggie and her team as people.”

Patrick Riley

Managing Partner, GAN Ventures

Off The Grid Ventures is a pre-seed and seed investment firm helping “off the grid entrepreneurs” get onto the Silicon Valley “grid”. We work with many foreign and/or women founders launching disruptive B2B Tech and fintech businesses to help them find the right product-market fit, build winning teams and succeed in their fundraising efforts.

“We are excited to support DEV/CON in its mission to fight Ad fraud and put Ad revenues back where they belong: the Publishers.” (Benjamin Orthlieb, Managing Partner)

“DEV/CON has identified a major source of lost revenues for publishers, and is helping them to proactively combat ad fraud. Given the sometimes razor-thin margins displayed by publishers, this can be a real game-changer for their businesses. Arguably, DEV/CON’s solutions are an integral part of of the efforts we must all do to protect quality journalism and democracy.” (David Mes, Managing Partner, Off The Grid Ventures).

David Mes

Managing Partner, Off The Grid Ventures

Start Co. is a venture development organization that supports great founders in building impactful businesses.

We invested because its a great, passionate team with the right expertise to make a difference. Their collective vision to defend publishers, in particular news organizations, from losing precious revenue is to preserve democracy the world round.

“DEV/CON DETECT has identified a big threat to publishers and delivered a scalable service to solve it.”

Start Co.

Cybercrime with become one of the most important issues and needs to be addressed on all fronts. I’m also an investor in Snyk and (I have thought about cybercrime for a while as my brother is, as well as my first internship in uni was to implement AES for Gemplus.)

DevCon is stopping a crime that so few are aware of, but still costs fortunes for media companies.


Hampus Jakobsson, Angel Investor

Thinking About Startups