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 by Ross Benes

Publishers love to complain about ad tech vendors, especially if Google is involved. For the latest in our anonymous Confessions series, we talked to a publisher exec who specializes in . The exec said publishers reflexively blame vendors rather than looking in the mirror, and complaining about Google is a form of social cohesion.

Here are excerpts, edited for clarity.

Why do so many publishers resent their vendors?
Everyone wants to point a finger and blame someone when things go wrong. Publishers complain about vendors so much because it’s easy.

What do you mean by that?
It’s rare to find a publisher who looks internally to figure out why their ad tech is breaking. Most people would rather send an angry email first.

Why is that a problem?
You won’t get the most out of your vendors if you treat them this way. The account managers at these vendors just get spears thrown at them all day. But if you treat them more like a client, they’ll do a lot more to help you when things go wrong. When you treat them [badly], they’ll just send you links to customer service hotlines in different time zones whenever you make a request.

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